Billing / Insurance


Are we on your insurance plan?
Women’s Physician Group participates in most major insurance plans offered to residents of the Memphis area. Unfortunately, however, we do not participate in TennCare plans. While we are always happy to assist with questions related to billing and insurance, it is ultimately the patient’s responsibility to be familiar with her coverage and its requirements. Your insurance company will have the final word on whether or not a service is covered.

Payments and Requirements.
With most insurance plans, there is a co-pay or deductible which is required from the patient. This may be paid by cash, check, Visa, or MasterCard. We ask that this be paid on the date that you are seen in our office. Some insurance companies also require a referral from your primary care physician. Before coming to our practice as a new patient, you will want to see if your own plan requires this.

What is the process?
After you see the physician, our office files a claim with your insurance company. A claim is a list of services performed, charges for those services, and diagnoses (reasons we performed them). Your insurance company then sends both you and our office an “Explanation of Benefits” (EOB). An EOB lists each service that we provided, states how much was paid, how much was written off (adjusted), and how much the patient is required to pay. Once we receive the EOB, we send you a bill reflecting that amount.

Laboratory Charges.
Many of the tests we perform are sent to an outside laboratory. In some cases, the lab will bill your insurance company separately, and you will receive a separate EOB and bill for those services.

“Decoding” Your Coverage.
These are the meanings of some of the terms most commonly used by insurance companies and billing departments:

Maximum Out-Of-Pocket Expense is the most that you will have to spend before all of your medical bills are covered by your insurance company. After this, however, there may still be certain types of service that they do not cover.

Co-Payment is a flat fee that you pay each time you visit your physician.

Co-Insurance is a percentage of the cost that you are required to pay each time you visit your physician.

Deductible is a certain amount that you pay before insurance kicks in. Normally, each family member has a separate deductible.

If you have questions about your coverage, please feel free to contact us at (901) 273-1190 or

You may also wish to pay your bill online or submit a question about your account through our secure patient portal.  Click Here to log in or set up your account.